Friendship Parallelism

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I’ve come to the realization that Bailey and I are completely cut from the same cloth…with the same scissors…and the same pattern. yeah, it weirds us out too.

This year we started college in a major we thought we would be interested in, we were friends with so many people and had a positive outlook on things even though we were pretty scared. Many of the times we were just talking to each other over the phone and on Skype. not even sorry. Then we got farther into the semester and realized we couldn’t really accomplish some of the things we had in we switched majors basically together (to separate subjects don’t worry) We both had a biology course…we both barely passed. Second semester we both pretty much tried to start over. We started to become individuals and well we kinda disliked more of the people we had surrounded ourselves with the semester before.

We’re both going to get through the next two weeks and move back home for the summer. We’re both going to be extremely excited when we finally see each other again. We’re both going to work over the summer and get money to pay back our huge student loans. It’s going to be great and I’m so glad I have Bailey in my life to complain to and call whenever I get extremely stressed out. She is my soulmate and she is my person and I cherish her just as much as I cherish my own family. I don’t know what I would do if she wasn’t in my life…and to be completely honest this first year at college would have been completely different without her, even though we weren’t together.  Can’t wait to be home this weekend. ❤



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It’s been 103 days.

103 days since I’ve seen my family.

103 days since I’ve seen my puppy.

103 days since I’ve seen my best friend.

103 days since I’ve been home.

and it’s finally happening.  I can’t wait to finally see everyone and physically hug them and feel them in my arms instead of just saying hello through text or facetime. Being away for so long has really changed my perspective on some things. I mean, i guess in the grand scheme of things 3 months isn’t that long, but for an 18 year old girl who hasn’t ever really stayed away from home…yeah it’s a big damn deal. Before leaving for college I was the typical older sibling that was always annoyed with her younger siblings. However, being away from them has really made me appreciate them even more.  I miss their nagging and the random outbreaks into song, and the weird questions, and even the little stupid arguments.  It’s part of family life and I’ve been missing out on it for 3 months.  It’s weird living with people all your own age or a little older (at least for me).  It’s not something I’m used to. I miss my mama’s hugs and my dad’s lectures and advice.  As much as they were annoying sometimes I loved them and living life without those small things is significantly different.  I can’t wait to be back living with my family even if it only is for less than a week.

Missing my best friend is difficult too.  We talk about it every time we post something on this blog but I don’t know how I’ve made it this long without seeing Bailey.  Like this shit is super difficult.  She’s basically like my girlfriend except not because we both like boys.  Yet, she acts the same way. We’re protective over each other and we get jealous and we want to spend all the time we have together.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen Bill and I absolutely cannot wait to Koala Bear her and just hold on forever. I’m looking forward to just sitting in silence and being on our phones…cause that’s what we do best.  But I also can’t wait to just see her face.  Facetime doesn’t cut it. Pictures don’t do it justice.  When I see my best friend for the first time in 103 days, I will cry and I will just look at her.  Cause can it be real? Are we really finally together? We’ve both been counting down for so long and it’s finally here.

I’ll be home in 8 hours 🙂

Hopefully by this time you’re over the fact that you’re not my number one on snapchat. Just give me some time to fix it. ily man, forever.