IMG_4369So, t’s 1 AM and I’m on season 2, episode 14 of friends. And Abi’s leaving in 8 hours and 6 minutes from a cracker barrel with her friend to go back to college and I’m sad and already miss her. A lot. And I don’t want to sleep because then, well I’ll waste time I could be watching Friends, and also then she leaves sooner, which is sad so here I am; awake, writing a blog post, and watching Friends.

I wish that we didn’t have to college so far away from each other. I wish that we both went to the same school, that we could be roommates, that we could hang out every day. But we don’t, but it’s alright because we went three months without seeing each other our first semester, so I know we can make it this next semester, and our next 3 years too.

I also wish that I was in Friends, and that I was best friends with Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, and Joey. But being best friends with Abi kind of seems like the same thing. I mean we hang out in our beds, which is kind of the same as hanging out in their apartment. We like coffee, so we’d go to Central Perk. We’re not poor twenty year olds, but we are poor eighteen year olds. We don’t have love lives. Well, Abi does, she won’t admit it though. And we also don’t live together, or live in the same state during college, so actually there’s no real connection there. But anyway, Abi’s my friend. My best friend. And I already miss her so much it’s unreal. And I wish we were already graduated college and living together, and being poor together, and drinking coffee together. But we have to get through the next three and a half years first, but I know we can.

“I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, I’ll be there for you, like I’ve been there before, I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too” Abi once told me that this song “holds truth in the chorus. I’ll be there for you. Easy enough! Simple but effective.” Because she’s the greatest friend in the world, and we’ll always be there for each other.


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I thought introducing Abi would be easy, that’s why I came up with the idea. But I’ve realized its not. When you know so much about someone, it’s hard to decide what to tell others, because you want to keep certain things to yourself so only you know it. And that’s pretty selfish, but it’s true. There’s things about Abi that not a lot of people know that’s she told me. She knows things about me that I’m pretty sure I don’t even know about myself. She’s such an amazing person and to try to describe her to someone is nearly impossible. But here it goes anyway.

You see, Abi, she’s my best friend. I don’t have a lot of best friends, only two actually, so for her to be one makes her a damn special person. She’s incredibly selfless, and thinks about everyone else before herself. I’ve only been best friends with Abi since junior year of high school, but in the almost two years that she has been my best friend, I’ve learned that she is probably one of the most amazing people in this world. She could be struggling with school, with boys, with friends, and I could make one comment to her about how I was having a bad day, and she’ll automatically try to cheer me up. She could be having the worst day in the world, but she’ll always find a way to cheer someone else up.

I’m trying not to describe Abi the same way she did me, but it’s pretty difficult because we’re practically the same person. Just like me, Abi doesn’t really like when you bring up college to her. Don’t ask her what she’s majoring in, where she sees herself in a few years, or why she chose to go all the way to Ohio for school. Just don’t ask her. Instead, ask her “Hey, I heard you like One Direction; who’s your favorite?” or “Hey, I heard you like Harry Potter; what’s your favorite book out of the series?” She still might cry just as much as she would if she was talking about college, but they’ll be different tears, and she won’t want to strangle you.

That’s another thing about Abi. She cries. I cry too, that’s why were such good friends I think. She just has a huge heart, and things get to her easily. And that’s okay, because it makes her a wonderful person, just a bit sensitive. There are times that Abi and I just sit and cry, and we yell at each other to knock it off and suck it up. But we both know that it’ll never change, and at each other’s weddings, we’ll probably cry more than our moms.

She’s a firm believer that there’s nothing Netflix, donuts, and pizza can’t fix. Seriously, I think if it was legal to get married to any or all of those three items, she would. And she would have no ragrets.

Abi’s literally probably the most beautiful person I know. Her milkshake constantly brings boys to the yard and for that, I’m jealous. She also makes the most beautiful faces in snapchats (please refer to pictures above). No but in all seriousness, I’ve never seen someone take as many gorgeous selfies as Abi, and even though I despise them, she still rocks them.

Abi’s just my best friend. That’s how I would describe her. As my best friend, because to be that, you have to be weird, and sarcastic, and emotional, and a little crazy because who the hell would want to be friends with me. But I’m glad I have Abi. Because she’s just the cutest little ball of sunshine God’s ever made. And I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

(Okay, I’d trade her for Louis Tomlinson, but shhhh)