unexpectedly positive

So second semester is in full swing and spring break is just around the corner.

To update you- I still don’t know what I’m doing with my life but Bailey’s at least got some sort of plan (kinda).  For now, I’m just getting through my gen eds and “listening” in classes, getting the homework done, and of course binge watching netflix whenever I freaking can.  (Grey’s Anatomy 4 dayzz) Anyway, I’m  just kinda tired of not knowing where to go in life.  I know I have things I want to accomplish at some point but honestly, they aren’t things I need a college education for…I just need money. and lol homegirl has none of that. Growing up, I was never really worried about where I was financially because that was just something my parents dealt with.  Yeah, I didn’t really get everything I wanted but that didn’t have me worried about the next bill my parents were going to pay. As I’ve grown up, and especially now that I’m in college somewhat dealing with my own finances, I feel more stressed about it and worried that I’m making all these wrong decisions.  Every little thing feels like a life changing decision, or at least 10 more years of debt. It’s intimidating and scary and wow this blog post has gotten super deep. (oops) I don’t really know where I’m going with this to be honest. There wasn’t really a point in me writing about my financial troubles except that I needed to get it off my chest I suppose.

I guess the good thing is that one day (I pray) it won’t be as big of a deal as it is right now.  It’s important to always stay on top of your finances but staying positive is also a huge deal too. If you’re constantly worried and stressed about how you’re going to pay that next bill then that’s how you stay.  But if you can channel that stress and use it to motivate you to work harder and earn that extra paycheck…then is it so bad? I think it’s all in how you view things.  Every cloud really does have a silver lining and it just depends on how you look at things. This was never a thing that I was good at but once I got into college I realized how important it truly is.  If I didn’t at least try to look at things in a positive light, I know that I would be drowning in stress and staying worried, and constantly just looking at the worst possible outcomes of things. Stay positive and you never know how you’re day might take a turn.



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