Happy New Tears


We’ll still be crying this year..plenty of times I’m sure.

But this past year in 2014 was huge.  So many things changed in mine and Bailey’s life and sometimes we can’t process it all.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to write about everything…but it was crazy.  This time last year we were freaking out because we were going to graduate in a matter of months. We went to our senior prom together and partied hard all night (or nah). We went to see emotional movies together. We had facetime sleepovers and countless dates where all we ate were fries.We spent the summer together and turned 18. We saw the boys perform in August and it was once again the best night of our lives.  We grew in our friendship even more when we had to leave each other to go to college. The transition was one of the scariest but we survived a semester and I still have my best friend. I love Bailey and I’m so glad I’m going into another year with her by my side.  I couldn’t get through life without her. She’s my person and I will always be hers.IMG_1009

With the new year, I guess people make resolutions or something like that. Well me and Bailey have decided that we’re gonna go to prison together.  What an adventure that would be!! And in doing that we’re going to accomplish another goal we have…to get skinny.  What better way to do that than to go to prison and have some fun in there!  (The other tactic to getting skinny was for both of us to find sugar daddies..but we figured we would have more luck just going to jail.)

Of course we have other resolutions as well! We’re not stupid. Maybe Bailey will stop lying as much, and maybe I’ll start to be more positive but those are just some minor things we’re thinking about.

2015 will probably hold many surprises and we’re just two girls who will probably cry through every twist and turn there is this year.  There’s always an exciting factor about that though…who really knows what’s going to happen this year. It could be amazing and beautiful and perfect. I mean Bailey and I are finally seeing One Direction together in August so that’s a good start.  We’ll finish our first year of college…and become sophomores three months after.  There’s a bunch of unknown shit too but this is me being a little positive. Let’s do this thing 2015.IMG_0702


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